Classes For All Ages & Skill Levels

No Experience Necessary & We Mean It!

Let our highly qualified coaches guide you through your skill achievements. We specialize in building tumbling and cheer skills from the basics to the most technical. We offer a wide variety of classes for athletes ages three and over. From forward rolls and cartwheels to advanced skills such as fulls and beyond, we’ll be your partner in discovering your capabilities.  We offer many monthly packages ranging from $60-$120 per month; no matter what you are looking for, we have a spot for you! To begin in classes, we suggest you purchase the four-week trial. Visit the New Member Offer Page for more information! No matter your age or skill level, we have classes that will be a great fit and challenge you.

Tumbling Class Options Offered at KTC

Preschool Tumbling

This is an introductory class to tumbling for athletes 3-5 years of age. Students will learn the basics of tumbling, such as Forward/Backward Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels & Round-Offs.

Beginner Tumbling

This is an introductory class to tumbling for athletes 6-18 years of age. No experience is required. Students will learn the basics of tumbling. Skills taught in a Beginner Class: Lunge Lever, Forward Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, & 10-second Bridges.

Advanced Beginner Tumbling

This is an advanced beginning tumbling class for athletes ages 6-18 years old who have shown near perfect execution in the elements taught in Beginning Tumbling Class. Skills trained in the Beginner Advanced class include:Backward Rolls, Standing Bridges, Elevated Kick Over, Handstand to Forward Roll

Back Handspring 101

This tumbling class is for athletes who have mastered Beginning, Beginning Advanced, and Walkover skills.  Skills we train in Back Handspring 101 are:

  • Standing Back Handsprings
  • Round Off Back Handsprings
  • Series Back Handsprings
  • Back Handspring Step-Outs

Elite Tumbling

This tumbling class is for athletes who have mastered the Back Handspring skills and are ready to start working on tucks, layouts, and beyond.  Skills we train in Elite Tumbling are broken into three classes

  • Elite 3- Tucks
  • Elite 4- Layouts
  • Elite 5- Twisting

High School Tumbling

This is a tumbling class designed specifically for high school age athletes who want to workout alongside their similar aged peers. The only requirement for this class is that athletes must be in high school or college.

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